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I feel so lost.. I have a one year old with my boyfriend and

I feel so lost.. I have a one year old with my boyfriend and i'm so tired of always being the responsible one. today i say a message on his phone from a girl saying he gave his number to her on Instagram and this has happened before. I don't know if i should ignore it for the sake of my child.. he said it was wrong number but come one how many times do this accident occur. I fell upset and betrayed. I can't tell him to leave because at the moment i can't afford our apartment on my own. plus i know it will hurt my son.. I feel so lost Idk what to do. Help PLEASE..SOME ADVICE WOULD BE AWESOME.

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May 15, 2019

@Greatness that's very true i come from a broken home and it messed me up real bad and also seen a lot of abuse as a kid when my parents were together. I'm so confused. I don't want my son to grow and ever see that. I just want to be a good mother. Thanks for your advice. I appreciate it.

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May 15, 2019

I agree w/ you. It dosen't matter...still wrong. Cheating in any form is not acceptable. I feel it's important to reliaze we can't change people. I say that because alot of the time we keep giving people chances thinking we will be the one to turn them around, but they have to make those changes themselves. I wouldn't ignore this, but if you have to heart to heart w/ him do it to where your kid dosen't hear it. This way your not enabling by leeting him slide, but not upsetting your kid either in the process. I agree w/ @Greatness about becoming more independent. It will make you a stronger person and even better mom. I feel even if this relationship long term dosen't work for whatever you can still have him as his dad through mediation (given he is a good dad). Your very much welcome! :)

May 17, 2019

Hello lost_in_emotions. Sorry to hear your hurt. I don't know if this is going on, but sometimes men feel neglected (sexually, intimately) when a new life enters into a couples' lives. This in no way makes it ok for men to start looking somewhere else, but I'm just including this in the conversation to let you know his behavior, whatever the reason, is not right. Commitment is important! Have you considered family counseling? That may be a good way to help him see how important it is to be a good partner and to learn to be a good father. Who is part of your support group to help you, guide you, or give you advice?


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