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I feel like a bad person, in fact, I feel like the worst per

I feel like a bad person, in fact, I feel like the worst person who has ever existed. I have hurt my girlfriend, the person outside my family who has loved me the most and I do not know what to do now. We have a 11 year relationship and we had a fight last time. She returned to our country (Mexico, we were living in Germany) and since then (october) the things I have realized I did since we started dating back in 2007, were always thinking in me... I realized that I have been always thinking about me before thinking about us, now I fear we are far past the point of no return, I am afraid of the future about us, I would like to come back in time and tell myself to take care more of her, I realized she was willing to give me all and I just didn't know how a big deal was that... I just, behaved selfish. Now we are not talking a lot, I like to think that we both need some time to remember how everything started and make things great again, but I am afraid...

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Nov 27

@JoaquinAndresAG, Well, if you're feeling low, because you're down on yourself, that could be a reason for not being all that motivated. So I pray things will get better for you, friend. Please try not to beat up on yourself with guilt (assuming that's why you feel that way.) When we know with God each day is a brand new day, to try again, and get past our faults and flaws (we all have flaws), we also see that because of what Jesus did taking on our mistakes (sins) so we could be forgiven and start over fresh; we also know everything is new. In the old days, when I was young, they used to call it, "turning over a new leaf" because you're turning the season or tide of your life in a new direction for the better.

Nov 27

In church we call it, being born again, or spiritual rebirth. Or maybe later when we get off track and then get on track again, it's called sanctification and transformation. It means we're being changed from glory to glory by God's Spirit. There is nothing bad about that. It's miraculous. You can do this one step at a time, but it doesn't have to be all in your own strength. It can be in God's strength you grow to be a better you. It's a you your girlfriend may like better.

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Dec 6

The fact she is talking to you is a good sign, Have you said your'e sorry and asked for her forgiveness? Sometimes we get so caught up in the talking we forget the basics. Have you seen a therapist to see how to deal with your demons, so they don't resurface again? That will go a long way to showing her you are serious. and maybe she will come back and you two can attend couples counseling. But if she doesn't your counselor can help you through your grief and help you move on. Do you attend church? sometimes talking to a pastor helps too. Here is a number for a place that can offer some free counselling advise, and can refer you to professionals in your area 1-855-382-5433. Prayers my friend


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