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I don't know what to do! I'm in a relationship for 8 months

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I don't know what to do!
I'm in a relationship for 8 months. I really trust and love my boyfriend. But in these days, I found out some stuff that made me stressed. Before getting into that, I must say my last relationship last 5 years and we broke up because of him cheating on me. So even though I had trust issues, I never show it to my new boyfriend. Because shouldn't be judged by the mistakes made by someone else.

So before we start dating, I checked his social media. I found some photos of him with some girl. But I didn't think of it much, because there is nothing more natural then friends to post pictures together. But after all this 8 months I found out that the girl in the pictures was his ex girlfriend. I asked him randomly who is this girl, and he told me that they were friends before and after the relationship. And the photos are from the time they were friends. And 4 months before when he went to his hometown, he meet up with her aswell. But I learned about all of this new. And the fact that he never posts photos of us or even like/comments on my posts of us...
What I felt was not jealousy, I felt like I'm not worthy to be the one he wants to share. And when I asked him "how would you feel if that was me posting stuff like that?", he told me "I don't trust men, and your exes are men... So do the math". That is way more sexist and the fact that he is a man too is making this statement meaningless.

Will I ever be special? He told me that he can't show the real love inside him, because it is so intense... Am I not enogh for him to show me all of him?

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Jun 14

@Sabio77 thank you :> I hope we can work it out.

Jun 15

Some people just don't feel like it's serious enough to share or there's some other reason that he's not posting pics, so either you'll have to accept that or you might have to leave him and find someone else to do that for you.

Jun 15

In my opinion he is SCAMMING you and is taking advantage of your somewhat low or inadequate self worth so, follow your instincts on this and ask him some more INTENSE questions before going any further with this clever game player. You need to get busy improving or raising your self esteem and self respect so other "slick" guys won't make cunning moves on you. good luck


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