I am feeling lost... myself and my wife are recently about t

I am feeling lost... myself and my wife are recently about to start a separation got 2 beautiful kids. And i just feel its going to be a big mistake. Shes cheated on me, entertained other men. And been in contact with ex partners. Since then 2 years ago i have not been myself just there but not there if you get what i mean. However 2 days ago i was all for my separation as i dont deserve that disrespect and unloyalty. However now i think about it im having second thoughts she still want to move ahead with it... shes so cold and feels like she doesnt care. How do you go about it finding out whats the right thing to do. I can't imagine not waking up to her and my kids.

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Feb 26

change is hard.... don't let fear stop you from finding your own happiness. Its normal to be confused or have mixed feelings with a huge life change, and grief. Try to keep yourself busy and focus on you and your mental health. Sometimes focusing on the partner will hold you back to what you truly need.

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Mar 5

She has clearly shown she doesn't want to be married anymore and as sad and hard as that is, the best thing for you is to move on. Your kids deserve not to have to live through drama anymore. Hugs.

Mar 5

You kids are being affected buy the tension between the two of you. And it's having a very negative effect on them. Kids carry what they learn from their parents into their adult years.

And then they then repeat the mistakes their parents made. Is that what you want? Will you get the kids if you leave? It sounds like it would be best for them to be with you. Are you able to do that?

Your wife's lifestyle is very different then the one you want and its not likely to change. For your mental health and your kid's mental health, you need to move on. It's time for you to look out for yourself and them.


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