hoping I can find someone to help me. I suffer from ptsd fr

hoping I can find someone to help me. I suffer from ptsd from a child. Jwent thru a bad divorce 7 yrs ago from a 20 yr marriage. I ended up dating a guy 25 yrs younger than me knew it was a bad idea but easier than dealing with my life. Now 4 yrs later after putting up with his emotional abuse some physical along with his heroin addiction he starts finally getting his life together when he just walks out on me without a goodbye. I feel so incredibly stupid know this is best for me so why am I so upset?

May 19, 2017

U are going to be upset because all this time he was with u he didn't feel the need to get better for u as he left the relationship he start to get well and he just up and left without saying anything, so its like he use u to get where he wanted to reach then up and left,don't be discourage and don't feel upset put it as this u were in his life for a reason to make him a better person that he can have a better life he will come back one day and thank u...u are and earthly angel

May 19, 2017

well you are sweet - feel like an idiot not a angel

I think he did use me whether intentional or not and the thing is I let him. I'm mad at myself for letting him and disappointed with him on the way he handled it and playing mind games with me.

I want to do things to improve myself. Just feel weak right now.


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