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Hi...I'm new here, I have been struggling with self harm for

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Hi...I'm new here, I have been struggling with self harm for 5 years now....3 months ago I met someone that made me want to stop, but it's really hard for me to give up.....the person that made me realize I need to stop is my boyfriend, and I really care about him....but I realized because we are long distance it is very hard for me to not let my mind go to dark the past I have been cheated on and it is hard to go through, and I'm scared that it's going to happen again, even though I love and trust him, my mind can't seem to give it up...I'm scared that if I don't figure out how to bring ease to this fear, that I will ruin the best thing that has happened to me in a long time...

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Jul 20

@L2015 thank you I will definitely try this outfit

Jul 21

You're welcome. Hope it does help.

Jul 22

Hi Sadandalone and welcome! I'm very happy for your new relationship and I give you much credit for having the courage to reach out again even after being hurt in the past. Remember this a new person who has not done anything to hurt you, and should be treated as an individual on his own merits. When those dark thoughts come try to shake them off , focus on the good things in the relationship and keep yourself busy with enjoyable things to do in order to keep your mind from being preoccupied with negative thoughts. Stay positive!


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