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Hi so I'm talking to this guy who will be 15-20 mins from me

Hi so I'm talking to this guy who will be 15-20 mins from me when I move up by him. So here's the thing I get cold sores on the mouth and I told him I do and he said he doesnt want to catch it and that even tho I dont have an outbreak he said he will kiss me on the cheek. I said but after outbreak I always kissed my boyfriends when no outbreak hes like yea they can still catch it and I said what will we do in front of family they will ask why we arent kissing on the cheek he said it's not there business and then I said what bout the future say we get married as an example he said I'll kiss u on the cheek I said really at the wedding u would kiss me on the cheek that be so weird suppose to kiss on lips. I don't know what to do hes a nice guy but like I said above with my cold sores and his issue with that cood sore is that a bad thing what he wants to do kissing on cheek both of us. Im so confused and dont know what to do we been talking since may 25 2020 and and been video chatting. He doesnt drive Cuz someone needs to teach him and no one has time to teach him his mom wont teach him Cuz she gets nervous to teach anyone to drive that I get maybe she doesnt like teaching who knows and he said she thinks hes a nervous driver and I told him I dont wanna be driving all the time not fare on me and told him I domt drive far so u will need rides to me but he said his sister will teach him to drive but she works like crazy and barley has toem for her self he said he asked her and shes willing but never spoke to her again about it and never asked him to go driving and learn and this was back in June when he asked her and still hasn't offered to teach him. And he said his money to get a car and everything he has his own place he rents so idk his to feel should I keep talking to him and keep it going and meet him when I move by him like I said he will be 15-20 mins from me he says he will stay over at my place when I move there and that hes excited we could cuddle and relax and atone to music and watch the tv shows we have in common this wont be till the fall tho. I domt know what to do keep this going or just stay friends who ever is reading this what do u think oh and hes 35 I'm 29 age is just a number to me what would u do who ever is reading this would u be ok with him tossing u on cheek and even in front of family and u kissing him on cheek because he doesnt want to catch it I just feel like not kissing my boyfriend on the lips would be very odd and sad for me but I need advice Idk what to do any suggestions or advice would be great and if u were me how would u feel wiukd u keep it going or tell him friends

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Aug 8

@SeeingBeyondDarkness is a big barrier?

Aug 8

@SeeingBeyondDarkness I have cold sores so he says he foesnt want to catch it I'm loke yes I wanna try and then I'm loek no I dont wanna no I don't say that to him I think that

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Aug 9

I agree about the pro-con chart idea. Friendship will help getter a better sense of him as a person. I say barrier cause kissing on the cheek is limited. It's not going to draw the same sense of passion, love, connection etc. Not to say if someone kisses you on the cheek it means nothing, but not the same. I think he is being cautious so take it slow and see how things develop.


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