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Hi, I have a problem. Actually, I have been having a crush

I have a problem. Actually, I have been having a crush on a guy since one year. He's the one who attracted me and I was so excited in knowing him. He spoke well with me but never proposed to me. He was my academic supervisor and now I'm out of the University. Recently, in a talk this topic came in indirectly and he was like saying to me don't have any feelings about this and that I can't have thoughts on him. I was startled and I didn't say I had a crush. I pretended it to be a joke. But he eventually triggered it on. I didn't say anything. Should I say what I actually felt about him? He may be angry with me. I have a feeling if I say the truth he will listen but will eventually stop talking permanently. What's your advice with this regard?

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Mar 12

@Drained_Heart I agree with @GirlKitty that this guy doesn’t seem worth pursuing. I am sorry that things didn’t work out as you would’ve liked. But I’m sure you can find someone much better for you, as far as returning your feelings and interest. Good luck!........

Mar 12

@pickone yeah. I feel so sad and angry. Feel so lonely too. I experienced a breakup an year back and this seems the same as that.

Mar 14

@Drained_Heart It doesn’t sound like you were in a relationship with this person. So it isn’t really a breakup. I’ve found that often it’s our perceptions, or the way we look at things, that determines our feelings and reactions. You need to value yourself more, and don’t allow someone who doesn’t really know you, or the kind of person you are, to judge your worth, or how you feel about yourself. Have you ever seen a therapist about self-esteem issues?... It might be something to consider. If you feel good about yourself, you can enjoy your own company more, and not feel so lonely. Also when you’re good with being by yourself, you’ll be more apt to attract the kind of person you want........


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