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Hi I am posting this again. IDK. My boyfriend was caught fli

Hi I am posting this again. IDK. My boyfriend was caught flirting with this women at these appointments we go to. When I would leave the room he thinks he’s slick. But I think he gave his Facebook info to a bunch of randoms there. They were on his friend request. He has done online bs before. He swears up and down they overheard his name and looked him up. What’s your opinion. I feel like he is full of bologna.

Jan 14

Hi Sunshine, I'm sorry you're having to deal with this, I know it hurts. As far as my opinion, I don't know him or you well enough to have a good one. But I know if you're having trust issues this badly then something must be wrong in the relationship. How long have you two been together? If it's pretty serious and committed then you might want to consider counseling?

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Jan 14

Leave the article of Lorena Bobbett on his home page and see if he gets the hint!


Thank you so much for your encouragement. Things are good this week. I am a little sensitive. I will think about counseling.


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