Hi Everyone please give me your thoughts? I met this girl on

Hi Everyone please give me your thoughts? I met this girl online, talked to her for 3 weeks then met up with her, fell head over heels for her then she moved into my place cause she wanted to even though her working life was based 50miles away, Everything was fine until 2 months went buy ( I even proposed to her in that time lol) after one month I told her I had a bit of debt so and I'm struggling financially at the mo so I converted my repayment mortgatge to a interest only one and as soon as I deal with the debt I can start to sort the mortgage out after this said I had lied to her became very defensive she then said she had a girly night out with her friends the following Thursday and came back from work very late, I'm talking 10-11pm then on the Friday she came home and told me I can't marry you and collected her things and just left me. She won't even be my friend on whattsapp now, I've no idea where she is staying, she's blocked me from whattsapp she doesn't want nothing to do with me she keeps telling me there's no one else but I'm sure there is. I can't talk to her she ignores my phone calls, I'm getting to the stage now is she really worth fighting for or shall I just move on

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Apr 21, 2017

dropped the hammer down it looks like, well at least it didn't turn out to be a divorce down the road, I do hope you find your true love that isn't so superficial


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