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Hi All, I recently told my partner I had cheated on him almo


Hi All, I recently told my partner I had cheated on him almost a year ago. It was the biggest mistake I ever made, we actually had an incredible relationship and I have no excuse for what I did. But because we are very much in love and are best friends we have decided we want to try make this work. I am looking for advice on what to do to help this process, particularly what I can do in these initial few days to ease his pain.

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Jedwardscoach's picture
Jun 13

You are certainly headed in the right direction and the advice given here was spot on. I also suggest, in case you aren't already doing it, ask him what he wants from you right now. If he wants you to be closer or stay out of the way. Taking the initiative to allow him to handle this his way will go a long way to showing him that are completely committed to reconciliation and deserve his respect again.

Good luck, I hope it stays positive for you!

Jun 13

Honestly not a thing his whole world is shaken and he needs to figure this out for himself just give him space and be there when he wants to talk and above all be honest no lies even though it will tear his heart out no more lies.

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Jun 13

It's OK to do mistakes. We all do that. But the best thing is to realize that. It need a lot of courage to accept own mistakes and I am proud of you for showing such a courage. And whatever happened, happened. It's doesn't matter anymore. I think you have an understanding partner and your tuning is great. Enjoy your life and plan a trip and spend some time in any peaceful place. Everything gonna be alright :)


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