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Hello. I’m new to this blog. I’m hoping to connect with

Hello. I’m new to this blog. I’m hoping to connect with a group to help me get through a really difficult time in my life. I’ve been married for 31 years. My husband had an affair 20 years ago. I just recently learned that he has been seeing someone new. He has been through a terrible time in his life. He lost his job 2 years ago. He also lost his retirement. Long story. He hasn’t been back to work yet. Trying to recover from the emotional stress of what happened. I don’t know what to do. It’s been extremely difficult to build the trust back fr9m the first time. Now that trust is shattered. Anyone have any advice.

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May 16


Thank you have given me a lot to think. about. Very insightful post.

May 17

Come and join the infidelity groups-lots of us going through similar experiences. it is such a difficult time, i really hope things will be ok for you

May 18

I will do that and thank you brookey123.!


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