Hello everyone here, I'm having a huge problem. I will state

Hello everyone here, I'm having a huge problem. I will state my problem in the third person (me being the girl Kara) and not call the real people in my situation with fake names. Please help me if you would be so kind!!
a girl named Kara who went out with this boy named Noah but broke up with him. A couple months later she got with this girl named Alex, another couple months later, they broke up, a couple weeks later they got back together. Noah found a girl , Michelle, which they met because of Kara, who they liked each other. They didn't get together but now Kara is jelly of Michelle. Kara has noticed her feelings for Noah but can't tell him due to him liking Michelle and Kara already having a girlfriend.

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Apr 20, 2017

@Nozy93 I like "Noah", but he doesn't like me back. He has claimed himself that he likes "Michelle"

North45's picture
Apr 21, 2017

awch...So what is the way forward here

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Apr 21, 2017

You left him for a reason. You're jealous because it's the knee-jerk reaction. We instinctively want what we can't have. He's not available, you must accept that and focus your attention on someone or something else.


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