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ello I am writing looking for some advice or support.


I am writing looking for some advice or support.

I have been in therapy for ptsd and attachment trauma for about 4 years and still working on myself. I met a woman about 6 months ago and we became friends. As i knew her longer my feelings grew stronger and i have a strong emotional attachment. She says she we have a special connection but she sees me in the friendzone. I think she may have bpd as my mom does but i am not sure. more importantly i feel incredible addicted to her and i am working on no contact. I see her around and i dont want contact with her so i can detach and move on to find someone who wants the same as me. i feel guilty for ignoring her but i feel its the only way to detach. she has many male friends with emotional attachments.

Aug 1

@silk Your best approach is to be honest about your emotional attachment to her and that you realize it’s not healthy and is something you're working on in therapy. That you feel for now it's best for you to stop your contact with her until you're in a better place emotionally.

Let her know you appreciate her friendship and the time you have spent together. Also that she has done nothing wrong and you wish her the best. If you're not able to say it directly to her, send her a text or email. She will appreciate you honesty.

Aug 1

@kgmaxwell appretiate your feedback


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