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Hi. Husband not talking to me cause i didnt go to a stupid w

Hi. Husband not talking to me cause i didnt go to a stupid womens only gathering his relatives were having today. This hurts. It is all because I am unemployed right now.

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Jan 11, 2018

Sorry I didn’t put it right. If I had a job that would be the logical excuse to my absence. When we got married I tried to join these things but they never come to an end. Ever. We meet his cousins and aunts and uncles almost every week and then there are these daylong womens only things and I really dont have anything much in common woth them, coming from pretty different families. It is ok and my responsibility to tolerate and socialize with them every once in a while but when it is a 6 hour brunch every other week plus other weekly gatherings woth sofferent groups of relatives it is becoming unbearable for me. Plus I had to attend many gatherings of my own family without him where I was naturally asked where is HE. And I never made him go somewhere alone if he was going in the first place.

Jan 11, 2018

Dude, don't tell him with words. Show a diagram. It isn't as if he can deny seeing it from your point of view if you literally give him a visual aide. Don't bother calling out hypocrisy. You have to let him figure it out. It's like if a teacher gives up on a kid - if the kid doesn't get geometry it isn't his fault. he needs a new angle (pun intended)

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Jan 12, 2018

@Cheerzz I am right there with you. That's a TON of socializing -I think I'd go out of my mind unless I really WANTED to see those ppl. My fam and most of my husband's family are fairly successful and I did work for several yrs. Somehow these ppl all seemed to make the right decisions and save like banchees to get homes, extra homes, cars, new stuff. Then, they retire with ample bank accts. I'm now unemployed. Not my choice -economy's. It is SO difficult for me to hang around these "successful" siblings, cousins, etc...I can't stand it. It's killing me. I'm not boastful but I do have a little pride left. I have depression issues (all my life) and now I just feel like I failed. It's SO hard to get back up on the "work"horse and get hired again. I work so hard for OTHER ppl making them money. I guess I don't work for myself. That's not good.


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