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Hi, I just want to get some advice. My boyfriend has being

I just want to get some advice. My boyfriend has being cheating on me for nearly 1.5 years and got engaged to his new partner. He hasn't told about me to his parents. Should I call and tell his parents about this? I'm worried and whenever I pick the phone I'm nervous.

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cocookie's picture
Dec 7

This is very confusing. How long have you been aware of his cheating? How is he still your boyfriend? You deserve so much better than someone who treats you like that and I agree with the comment above the other person involve deserves to know as well. I hope things work out

Dec 7

I already told her. She was shocked. But later she told she will make her mind to saty with him. I think he already convinced her as well. I want to give him a punch through his parent. But, I still doubt how they will react. That's why I need advice

needafriend1234's picture
Dec 7

You should tell his parents then, but there isnt much you can do about his cheating ways, hes too far in and has too much control. If she wants to be with a crappy person then that's on her. But after telling his parents (with photo proof) just stop all communications, because by then you have done all you could. I'm sorry, and I hope you find someone that loves you as much as you are able to love <3 hugs


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