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Just an update on my last post. So I’ve came back home to


Just an update on my last post. So I’ve came back home to my boyfriend. When I arrived home he was home sitting happily on his laptop. In the meantime I never heard from him since I said goodbye to him face to face at 2:30pm Friday until I arrived home in Dubbo at 5:00pm Saturday. He had never contacted me while I was at home. As you read my last post you can note that I considered he may be busy cooking, packing lunch for himself for Saturday at work, etc. BUT BUT BUT I asked my boyfriend when I was at home in Dubbo, how was things? He said just the usual.... I said did you go to work today? He said no, because it was too hot. UMMM HELLLLLOO every day it’s hot and you go to work mate SECONDLY every Saturday when I’m home YOU never consider taking a day off because of the “heat” yet when I’m gone out of sight you use that as your excuse!!!! Really! Omg. Also Friday when I left Dubbo there were a few dirty dishes left in the sink, I came home today (Saturday) and those EXACT same dishes are at the sink only difference is that his washed them up so they are sitting there drying still, although he was at home today all day, was at home yesterday (Friday) from 6:00pm.... oh my god. So his just done whatever his pleased, ignored me... and THEN it gets worse... I go into our bedroom to edit my videos while he remained on his laptop AND all of a sudden he starts talking to himself saying these exact words “I am not fishy, I ain’t fishy, I’m not fishy” “stay true to myself, I am true to myself” yes I do, yes I do”
WHAT THE ACTUAL F**K!!! Is he actually trying to brain wash himself by convincing himself that his not “fishy” that his “true to himself”, etc etc and WHY all of words did he say that!!? The f***!

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Jan 6, 2018

@Faithx7 Haha, sure..

Faithx7's picture
Jan 8, 2018

@erin.electra .......its now Monday the 8th.....and Ive just caught your reply to my last post to you.......
I'm serious! Erin.....I don't bestow bullshit compliments in order to either patronize or ingratiate myself......if I cant or won't speak sincerely than I don't speak at all!

Jan 13, 2018

@erin.electra your right I can’t be a priority in his life and I feel like I really have never been... but here we are 2 years later...


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