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If someone is so bad, why is it so hard to walk away? This g

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If someone is so bad, why is it so hard to walk away? This guy (my ex) is not a good person..he pretends to be but his true colors always come out especially when drunk. Too many red flags..calls out from work a lot, bad mouths exes, financially unstable, hungover a lot (when my texts go ignored and he says he was not feeling well or sleeping all day I know he’s really hungover), dark past that he has a history of drug abuse, incarceration, etc..his idea of fun is hanging out at his place getting drunk..his excuse for not going out is lack of money. Load of crap. He always puts his buddies first, etc..real reason he can’t have a real relationship? Because of his drinking and smoking...dunno why I put up with it. Always mentioning that we will go to this restaurant etc etc but it’s all talk no action. He is incapable of dating like a man..he’s like a teenage boy stuck in a mans body...

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Dec 3

@kgmaxwell I wish I had your insight and tact; I'm jealous. You said that so well. Hugs!!

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Dec 5

@LightOfGold you’re welcome. I hope everything works out for you.

Dec 6

@Rdan Thanks!


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