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I've been put in a tough spot now... My cousin who I live w

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I've been put in a tough spot now...
My cousin who I live with just announced to me she wants to elope with her boyfriend she just chose in a love triangle she put him in. But just last week she was with the other guy and just broke up with him last week.
She acts purely on spontaneity and is very irresponsible with it. She also has a lot of mental health issues.
She's beeb having multiple panic attacks within the last week, 2 just yesterday. She texted me this morning she wasn't sleeping and having these panic attacks cuz her meds aren't right so she's going to get them fixed.
Now she springs this eloping thing on me because she wants me to be the witness and says she wants to do it Friday morning...
She then states she'll honeymoon in a hotel leaving me with 2 unruly dogs, my kitten, and her kitten who needs constant attention but they all have to be separated.
She asked me not to tell the family so I'm going to respect that since it won't change anything if I do anyway except she'd be mad at me make living with her awkward.
I just don't know who to turn to. I'm still fairly new in town and the only people I can think of to talk to about this and possibly help me with all these animals is the guy she broke up with last week or a guy who has a crush on me but is business with a sprinkle of personal atm. (No I don't work with him, he owns a gym he's trying to get me to join that's literally on the same street of our apartment). Who should I reach out to for help?

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Feb 9

@chaoticjoy3 No she didn't end up getting married thank god. They actually did the opposite and broke up instead so he won't be moving in. She was in a very bad paranoid state when all this happened. She's been in the hospital for about 2 weeks now getting out Tuesday so we'll see how things go when she gets out in a few days. I would get a place of my own if I could afford it but I know my place right now is with my cousin since she doesn't have any physical support out here being just her and I in this state and it was very apparent she shouldn't have been living alone when I first got here a month ago.

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Feb 12

How are you? The animals?

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Feb 13

@Rdan I'm alright. Just taking everything in now that she is relelased. The animals are fine but her dogs are back to be unruly so that's kind of annoying. Thanks for asking


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