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I hate LOVE! Need advice... This guy asked me out but coz w

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I hate LOVE! Need advice...
This guy asked me out but coz we don't know each other well... I sed no so then he asked if I'd go on a few dates so I sed yes... Sadly he works in army and comes back a few days when he can... But there's a huge issue... He has an ex wife he's going through a divorce with and a child nearly due... And now he's not talking replying to my messages and his ex has been ringing him... And now she's saying I was basically play for play... And now I hate for ever trusting a lad, worst thing is we had sex night before he went back to work and now I'm nobody :( after the rape a year ago I couldn't go near a lad let alone wanna get into a relationship... Maybe I'm better off alone... Then no one could use and abuse me... I'm such a fool :(

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Jan 12, 2018

This is a hard one. I don't really think it is you at all but him. Please don't blame yourself. He is going through a divorce and I'm sure it is very confusing with a child on the way. The ex may be playing games with him. Just give him some space. You can maybe text him (she may be reading them though) Saying 'm not going to give you an ultimatum but if you don't want to be with me that is fine just let me know and just leave it at that. With the rude comment on here just ignore it. Same thing happened to me and someone said my husband is cheating and don't believe him....they were cheated on so think that everyone cheats. They put it on eveyones post and I called them out on it! Keep your head up and the right guy will come along at the weirdest time too!

Jan 12, 2018

Just a suggestion, but maybe you should think about taking a break from dating and just hang out with your good friends and family. One thing for sure is that ; you do not need to be dating or even hanging around men who are still married even if they are in a middle of a divorce. That is even worse yet!
Do you have any HOBBIES or enjoy sports or reading, doing things with family and friends? Have thought about VOLUNTEERING? ...

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Jan 12, 2018

You shouldn't blame yourself for wanting companionship, a man to call your own. Sadly the man you picked doesn't seem to be a man at all if he's playing you like that. No one wants to he alone, lonlieness is a poison that slowly eats at you. I think you shouldn't give up on trying to find someone.


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