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Wondering how you guys deal with the isolation? Over the la

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Wondering how you guys deal with the isolation? Over the last 32 years, I have slowly cut myself off from everyone except my wife and kids. I am hyper vigilant in public when I am not with her, always feels like the fecal matter is about to hit the oscillating air moving device.

I am the definition of dysfunction, I am tired of this BS, I want the old me back.

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Jul 11

Hey! Sorry this is going on! I also deal with social anxiety. What was the the old you like? I will be praying for you and hope you find peace!

Jul 11

Hi LawBob, I know exactly how you feel as far as the isolation and being hyper vigilant goes.

Jul 12

I think we all crave community. The only lasting happiness i have felt in life is from living in a close knit community. I don't much like strangers, I especially don't like people I kinda know, but sorta don't know. People whos names by be george and annie, but i'm really not sure? My ideal is about 30 people way out in the woods, spread out enough that we won't stumble into each other when we don't want to, but close enough together that its easy to gather for a pot luck or sweat lodge or pie auction. Thats how I deal with isolation anyways. It's not easy to find that place tho, I keep finding them, but then somehow i lose them again.


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