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Went to spend some time this weekend with my uncle. He’s g


Went to spend some time this weekend with my uncle. He’s got one of the most aggressive types of brain cancer that doesn’t respond well to treatment and he has less than a year. He’s been pretty down and blue lately. Hardly returning any phone calls or texts, have a hard time sleeping. Always looking tired and worn out. He’s still trying to work, but is planing on retiring in May. Poor guy. I took my guitar up and played him some music. I think it helped him relax a little and he took a nap in the recliner. He’s always such a social butterfly and always a busy body. I was trying to tell him it was okay to relax, sleep and let his body rest if he needed to. I’m just feeling really sad today. I try to provide as much support and comfort to him as I can - but every time I leave I want to cry. I’ve always struggled with grief.
I am not certain how I can work on feeling less emotionally frazzled or drained after a visit. I’ve been trying to go up once a month and I also see him when he comes down to see his specialist every other week.

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Mar 12

Thanks guys. Cancer sucks. It’s such a comfort to hear other people have walked a similar journey. I also recently found out my spouse has PTSD. I helped take care of my grandma a few years ago when she had cancer, and it was hard but I got through it. I wouldn’t trade the time I spend with her for anything in the world. But this time around with my uncle I feel like I am also struggling with being a pillar of support for two people at once.

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Mar 12

My hope is with you.


Mar 13

I am so sorry for your Uncle and your grief. Your compassion is evident in the way you intentionally care for him. What a wonderful act of love for your Uncle. Allow yourself to feel whatever you feel. Have you considered seeking a support group, counselor or pastor to encourage you during this difficult time? You are pouring yourself into your Uncle...who is refilling you?


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