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Well DVACK has really pissed me off, they're saying that I s

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Well DVACK has really pissed me off, they're saying that I shouldn't call as many times as I do. So, I've decided without telling them that I'm going to not contact them for this weekend, next week, and next weekend combined. At this point they can kiss my a** because they know next week I have an anniversary coming up. But oh I'm supposed to sit here and just forget about it like it never happened right? I don't think so, that's a bunch of bull s***. Then, they say well maybe I should go see a therapist like did you not just hear from my last phone call, grandma is the one in control of the card, so whatever she says goes? Like why don't you get off of my a** get your head out of yours and open up your f****** ears? I apologize for my ranting but I'm absolutely furious, they tell me I need boundaries. But guess what as soon as I make those boundaries they are the type of agency/organization that will see you doing well, then they say why don't you come on down to the office, we miss you. You know I haven't been able to hold a f****** boundary with them since? I'm just under a lot of stress right now, knowing that Valentine's day is the day in which I will be with my boyfriend for two months, and that's when I was raped back in 2012. So, I'm sorry if I sound annoyed in an over exaggerated way.

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Feb 14, 2018

I am sorry that things seem so rough and hard right now. Hugs.


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