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****TRIGGER WARNING**** I am so unbelievably lost & scared.

I am so unbelievably lost & scared. I was just recently diagnosed with PTSD after a 1 week stay in a mental health facility. I got out about 6 weeks ago & it seems like everyone just wants to me to be ok now. I don't feel fine. I feel like I'm going absolutely insane. The paranoia is ridiculous. My husband has had enough, All I do is cry. I had my first EMDR session last week and my 2nd one on Monday. I have a lifetime of sexual, physical abuse & abandonment. I got sober in Septmeber 2018 & it seems like the more sober I got, the more stuff that surfaced. My husband was wonderful about everything until about a week ago. He's reaching the end of his rope and I am struggling to have any empathy for him. I can't. I don't have the reserves for him right now. He told me today that he doesn't even want to come home anymore. I don't know what to do. How do I handle my recovery and a spouse who doesn'tknow how to support me?

Nov 15

Trust God for you husband no matter what happens. During this time God is carrying you. Have you read “Footprints in the Sand”?

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Nov 15

That's amazing you're more than a year sober! The longer you're sober, the more things will surface. It's excruciating at first, but it will get easier. As for your husband, if you can manage a breaks in what I call "the storm", so you both can try to feel connected some, that helps. Otherwise, have you looked into local support groups? That might help relive some of the tension.


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