Thank you everyone for your support the last two weeks, turn


Thank you everyone for your support the last two weeks, turned an almost perfect storm into a relatively positive experience. I hope you all know you here and will thank a few personally but wanted to thank everyone as well. Hope everyone is have a good day and take care.
Thanks again Rick

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Feb 20

So glad the group was there for you! How is this week shaping up for you?

Feb 20

@ckblossom Hi and good morning! Have to deal with a disturbing memory in therapy tomorrow night, came back last week. Was able to deal with it but has been bothering me more. Hoping no related memories but thinking thats going to happen now but will be OK. Going motorcycle racing first time in a year this weekend with a best friend. Went riding with him last weekend, was a major party animal expert desert racer, quit a few years ago and put on weight etc. He had issues dealing with like us, a year ago he quit drinking, started going to church and working out everyday, on a very disciplined diet, lost 60 lbs and he seemed was as fast on bike as ever which is saying something, because he was top 10 expert class, raced the Baja 1000, etc. He did all this, quit drinking cold turkey, diet, etc all at the same time and the happiest I have seen him. An amazing inspiration for me. I can imagine 1 or 2 changes but all at once just shows massive determination. Maybe why he is so good at endurance racing we do. I went to church with him a few months ago I thought to support him but now wondering who was supporting who. I think it's going to be a good week. :) I hope for everybody. Going to think about decisions and actions and make the choices for a good week. Take care Everyone!

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