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Someone said it gets better with ptsd as in less flashbacks


Someone said it gets better with ptsd as in less flashbacks ect it's been six months for me now and having to relive it is making me want to fall apart and feeling destructive how do you deal with it ?

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rdpca1's picture
Mar 13

How i fight through, tbis is on my twiter profile, I reread it every so often, At some point recently I decided that whatever happened to me, what anybody did to me now or ever was going to make me an angry resentful sad bitter person. No matter what happened to me

Enoch_Castle's picture
Mar 13

i have a DBT psychologist and medication from a psychiatrist. the DBT workbook on anger management has been helpful. my doctors just want to keep me out of jail or prison from harming someone. i've been escorted by law enforcement shackled and handcuffed dressed in the red jumper from the jail to my doctor appointments which i'm sure has impressed my doctors that my problems are serious. they are supporting my claim for disability. i couldn't have better more caring doctors.

nyerinwi's picture
Mar 13

I get flashbacks all the time and its been 15 almost 16 years. They arent as frequent as they were and my triggers arent as strong but I still get caught off guard


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