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So kind of new to this but thought it was worth a shot. I wa

So kind of new to this but thought it was worth a shot. I was recently diagnosed with PTSD after I was raped. I already have depression, anxiety and insomnia and this is all getting in top of me. Friends and family try to help but they just dint understand. Anyone have any advice on how to cope with the flashbacks?

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What helps me is to quickly think of something else . And breathe and remember you’re worth it , always ! Be thankful for your loved ones trust . There’s some girls that get trashed from their homes for being raped or speaking up and then end up homeless and lonely and end up falling into other paths . What happened to you isn’t fair believe me , you’ll get better as long as you want to get better and with support of course . Be thankful for the love you have

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Dec 1

It helps me to ground myself. Focus on what is physically around me, what I can see and hear and feel. I also say perfect squares 1-20. Anything to distract. Hope this helps. I'd be willing to talk about it more if you want :)

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Dec 2

I looked up the perfect square equation. The grounding technique I will have to try.


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