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So I'm struggling with this... my wife has CPTSD and goes in

So I'm struggling with this... my wife has CPTSD and goes in and out of moods towards me. She asks why I seem crabby when I'm not, will go days without any real conversations and we lay silent and backs turned when we go to bed. I know some of her issues stem from a 10 yr relationship with a narcissist which she has a 5 yr old son with. He is trying to get custody of the boy. We are fighting it, and I know it takes its toll on her, but the silent treatment worries me. I have BPD which doesnt help, but I am in therapy, as is she, and I'm doing DBT. Any advice on how not to just walk away? Anything other than "hang in there" please... I love my wife dearly, but almost 2 years of zero affection or intimacy is wearing on me...

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Jan 12

Have you tried another therapist if yours is not doing any good you should change like me what I do is online therapy and it helps a lot you just have too get a good one.

Jan 17

@JackAL892 mine is doing ok for me, DBT is helping. My problem gets worse when she shuts me out....

Jan 19

That's very good to know so what you do is to come down and always try to relax but still try and be open minded to advice I which all the best.


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