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So I am new here, but I am just looking for someone to talk

So I am new here, but I am just looking for someone to talk to, someone who understands that symptoms can fluctuate. I have been good and even started law school last fall. But lately I have been struggling and I don't know how to tell my family and friends how hard it is for me right now since nothing has happened, ya know? I just want someone to understand how I am feeling and how it changes everyday. Most of all I realized I haven't been dealing with the symptoms, I have just been pushing it out of my mind and focusing on something else and that is catching up with me.

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Jun 15

Hello livingforadventure and Round3! I'm new on this site, and this is my first post. I hear you on how symptoms can fluctuate...they can be so up and down!

Jun 16

I’m brand new to the site and the roller coaster analogy has hit home. Never thought of it this way but it sure has worked like that looking back over the past several years. Sometimes I’ll go a couple of months “normal” then something triggers me and I’m back where I started but it can take a day or two before I even realize it. My heart breaks for my wife and family that never know day by day how I’m going to be. I’m coming out of a recent low spot that lasted longer then usual because my counselor retired in April and I’m having so much anxiety of getting a new one. So glad I found this group thank you for the support and anyone who is brave enough to share, your courage gives me hope.

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Jun 16

Over time if you practice self awareness you will start to recognize when you're starting to slip a bit before it gets too bad. Then, you can implement the skills you've learned right away to lessen the dip. Eventually, the bad days are less bad and not as often. You gotta be willing to do the work though. No magic fix out there.


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