My wife has been diagnosed with PTSD. we have been married f


My wife has been diagnosed with PTSD. we have been married for 17 years. have 3 beautiful kids. She had a horrible life growing up. Grandparents became her parents and now they both have passed away. last year she snapped and now the kids and I are walking every day on what will set her off. She has been diagnosed in the past few months. She has tried to commit suicide 3 times on me. She as told me how she will do it and which overpasses to drive off. After this I got her to go to a doc for help. (Few months ago) she went to spend some time with her sibs and now I am paying the consequences as it triggered something. I am so frustrated! I know that she has to process this but why cannot I take it away! In looking online for help for me. all I find is Vets help. I have no support group around me and I feel I am starting to go crazy. can anyone please help me or give me tips on how to support myself and kids while she works on herself? Any reads or what has worked for you would be so helpful!

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22 hours ago

After our second child my wife developed a severe case of post-partum which was left untreated clinically for a while, this was the foundation for a condition plaguing our marriage to this day. We have since learned to cope through counseling, early on, and medications (mild). She’s angry, has a short temper and is far more hands off than I’d like when it comes to parenting, I need a break now and then. What helped me during those confusing years was when I realized I couldn’t fix it; there was no solution I could find on the internet, no magical pill, or any amount of romance etc. that would end my wife’s suffering.

It was her battle, hers, not mine, I, in my effort to help only confused her and made matters worse. It was a hard pill for me to swallow, men are fixers, we have the answers and we want to provide them if not actually fix the problem! I don’t know if you’re a religious man or not, but my faith in Jesus Christ helped me more than I realized, counseling, group was the best, and then hobby groups were even better [get together with people with similar interests, mine was pool (8 ball, a little 9 ball thrown in for fun)]. These articles may be elementary for you, but each holds a certain amount of value in the resources and options;,

The sooner you’re able to realize you can’t fix it, take the backseat, be there for her, support her, but stop trying to control a situation that cannot possibly be controlled…be there for her…get yourself healthy mentally and dive into your children, they are the most important thing right now, your wife cannot help them effectively so you have to! I pray for only the best, for the healing of your wife, your sanity, your health, and the well-being of your children! May God bless you with his strength and wisdom, may He heal your family, reunite it, and prosper you all!

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11 hours ago

@Soccer so why don't you scream? Next time your in your car driving alone lol just let out a primal scream it's called scream therapy just do it

11 hours ago

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