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My Trauma Therapist and I are starting a support group for p

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My Trauma Therapist and I are starting a support group for ptsd. I'm hoping you all can offer some suggestions on what it should look like. What would you like to see in a group if there was one near you? What sort of group rules? Topic based or free flowing? Lecture followed by discussion? All participant driven? How long should it last? I would be grateful for any and all of your suggestions. Thanks!


I think groups that are topic based get more participation during discussion...maybe hit a key issue as the topic each meeting...but each meeting would be a different topic...list the topic and define it then give an example as well as a coping technique or two...I think a short lecture about the topic including several ways to cope with that particular topic would get people thinking about whether that happens to them and how to heal/handle it... then open it up to a free flowing discussion so people can feel connected to each other through their stories...feeling empathy from others that share in their symptoms helps people feel that they are not alone in their battle...the interpersonal aspect also keeps people coming back bc they feel accepted and like they have worth in the group...I'd say an hour and a half or more for length so it is worth the drive and there is enough time for people to open up and share their experiences without feeling rushed (anxiety)...maybe each group member can have a 3 ring binder and for each group session the topic is printed with the entire lecture and hole punched so the members can add it to their binder and make notes on it as other people talk and add...the binder can serve as a reference guide/reminder for them at home or work or anywhere...also maybe some homework type worksheets that help examine the individuality of their personal ptsd experiences...the homework won't be shared unless the group member chooses to share it during discussion (being introspective yet an opportunity privacy about certain aspects until they are ready to discuss it)...and definitely include the grieving process...your post about that was spot on...

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May 15

Thank you so much for the input. I had thought of presenting various symptoms, prepared to lead by example with coping strategies, and encouraging the group to discuss. I've used handouts and such for different workshops I've led but had not considered it for this. Good idea!


that sounds terrific...I think a group led by someone that can say I have been there and done that definitely helps the most...the group members will be more likely to open up to someone they know knows...they will feel less judged or ridiculed...good luck with your group...


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