My husband suffers from PTSD and for the last 6 years he'd b


My husband suffers from PTSD and for the last 6 years he'd been doing pretty well, working on his coping mechanisms, communicating with me and he was moving forward. We were moving forward. But recently he has been re triggered and his out burst s are constant and unbearable because he is making everything an illogical fight between us. For example tonight was about the inconsistent sizes of the apples in the bad of apples I brought home from the store and I'm at my wits end. I am struggling to find my patience and my love for him when he is being so horrible to me and then blaming me for reacting and withdrawing as he apparently has no memory of his actions or how they are affecting me.


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Aug 11

Wow sorry this has happened and also welcome. Sometimes with PTSD people it's also good for the partner to go to therapy so that you do have your own coping skills when he is triggered and takes it out on you. xo

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Aug 11

being re-triggered is never a justification for abusing your partner. He needs help and work on this. It is not ok what he does to you. that is emotional abuse. Make sure you have clear boundaries. sending you both love and rainbows to brighten up this difficult time


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