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Mar 13

i notice that when i'm idle is when my mind starts generating disturbing thoughts either projecting some type of revenge or remembering the situations that people have hurt me. so, preoccupying yourself with some activity helps to lessen the flashbacks/projections.

what i do is play video games and i have to have some sort of noise going 24/7 so i play music and have learned to appreciate all genres of music as its just background noise. then i have arts & crafts for when I've lost interest in other things. just try to stay as busy as you can and i hope the insomnia isn't as bad as mine.

Mar 14

@Enoch_Castle I experience the same exact thing far too long but pick up my guitar and do what I can. I use to play with people on xbox live but got tired of hearing how their life sucked because of choices they made and just started doing drugs and their attitude was so ****** towards my experience that I deleted everyone and only have one person who is still suffering from her past...Keep Up the good work.

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Mar 14

Flashbacks can sometimes be very painful. "The Time Machine" has the perfect quote about flashbacks, "We all have our time machines, don't we? Those that take us back are memories, and those that carry us forward are dreams."


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