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Lately iv just been feeling so down, angry & hyper-alert it'

Lately iv just been feeling so down, angry & hyper-alert it's exhausting. I no longer go to therapy b.c I lost my insurance once my husband got kicked out of the military- b.c of his alcoholism.. his drinking on top of a complete lifestyle change & moving and switching jobs again along with just dealing with PTSD symptoms daily has become too much. I feel burnt out & try my best to stay positive and let the natural course of things happen but I simply cannot relax. I'm constantly going at lightning speed, it makes meditation difficult, I go to al-anon meeting to help cope with husbands drinking. But I feel like am at a stand still. My marriage is withering away, I hate my new job & things I once loved to do I just don't have the energy. Not sure what to do anymore.

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Oct 13

So what is keeping you with a man who refuses to get help and in a job you hate?


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