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Just warning that I’m going to talk about miscarriage. I d

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Just warning that I’m going to talk about miscarriage. I don’t want to go into great detail. I am 8 weeks pregnant currently and I am so excited and over the moon. But ever since I got pregnant my ptsd is really bad. I keep getting flash backs about my previous pregnancy and it causes me a great deal of anxiety. It’s causing me unnecessary visits to the hospital because I am too afraid of loosing this baby. I don’t know what to do about this anxiety or the flash backs :/.

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Dec 4

Are you able to find pieces in your day to practice some self care? Meditate, warm bath, anything that helps you relax. Is there anything in your life that is stressful that you can cut? Maybe simplify the holidays. Are you seeing a therapist? Maybe book an extra appointment or two to help decompress to help get through the holidays.

Dec 4

I am so sorry you are going through this, but I understand it as well. I think it's very normal to feel this way, especially when it's still early in your pregnancy. I think your ptsd will pass, but until then maybe you could practice some self care as Round3 suggested above and perhaps talk to a counselor about how you are feeling so you can process your grief from your miscarriage and maybe that will help alleviate some of your ptsd and anxiety.

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Dec 5

I agree with all of them, but don’t feel bad for going to the doctor a lot. You need peace of mind and if that gives you that then that’s just fine. Maybe if you have another baby one day it won’t be as challenging, but until then do what you have to do to be okay.


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