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I'm trying my hardest to control my c-ptsd this week...I've

I'm trying my hardest to control my c-ptsd this week...I've been forced out of my home, oddly my car broke down as I was going to leave (posed numerous challenges that aggitated my symptoms), and I've had to go out into the world move than I'd prefer lately which has had a physical effect on my now my skin has flared up and is quite painful again...I just need stability, safety, quiet, and order...on the outside I appear ok except for the periodic and embarrassing crying spells but inside I'm an utter mess just looking for a safe place to hide...

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Jun 11

are you able to stay with freinds? family? a shelter? maybe transition house? Feeling safe in your environment will go a long ways to feeling safe within yourself.


@Round3 I don't have family or friends here and I have a huge dog and a cat so a shelter is out bc it's m not going to loose my pets too... they're trying to reduce me to NOTHING...that's the actual goal of what's being's a shame how horrible people can be...


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