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Im restless. I been here before just when I thought I went t

Im restless. I been here before just when I thought I went through therapy enough. My wound was reopened and I forgot how hard it was to close this

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Maticus's picture
Nov 17

We are here for ya to vent to. This site is a nice place to be at, at any time :)

Dickerson888's picture
Nov 17

I think ptsd is like being an alcoholic. Once an alcoholic always one. PTSD seems to sneak back in on you when you least expect it.

Round3's picture
Nov 17

I agree that ptsd is for life but if only it was as simple as abstaining (and I'm NOT meaning to minimize how hard it is to get and stay clean -- 2 years 7 months clean). It's the ebb and flow of ptsd that sucks. Some days are great then some bad days come and remind you that you hae ptsd. It's why "maintenance" is so important Practice the skills on good days so when the bad come, the sklls are easily accessible.


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