I'm often unable to sleep in the bed. Instead I throw pillow

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I'm often unable to sleep in the bed. Instead I throw pillows and blankets on the floor, and curl up behind the bed against the wall, like I'm hunkered down in a bunker. The floor offers a firmer sense of stability, and the bed I guess provides some sense of defense standing between me and the door. Also I don't sleep well unless there's some sort of weapon close at hand. I'm not a military combat vet, but the way I behave, you might think that I am. Living alone for so many years hasn't helped either. I feel a little bit safer knowing there's someone nearby to help if necessary. Unfortunately I am unable to own a dog. I think that might help, but it's just not possible at this time.

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Apr 10

@OysterBay yes keep up w the good fight for your happiness and Peace in life!

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Apr 16

@Foundlove Thanks. I never really sleep well because I feel like I'm in constant danger. Also sorry if I'm unable to participate on a website with such serious tech issues. And from what I can see, no site support section either.

Apr 20

wow I can't believe how accurate your feelings are and sleep position. I wasn't sleeping in my bed for the longest time, just used pillows and blankets but not pushing myself to sleep on bed after my fiance brought our bed into the living room of our apartment. idk why i feel safer here. but when i lived by myself i would have a big wall of pillows on the side of me while i was next to the wall. Always feeling so deeply fearful. and it just made me feel safe.


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