I was wondering if anyone here has complex ptsd?

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I was wondering if anyone here has complex ptsd?

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Aug 10

From my experience of weekly EMDR for over a year to recover from C-PTSD it made symptoms worse. Every person is different and it might work for some but not me. I think therapist should have realized this much sooner than me but was btter after I decided to stop. Maybe try for a few weeks and then stop and try to notice if better not for a year...

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Aug 11

I find it is not so much the type of therapy but whether you can develop a trusting relationship with your therapist. Is it someone you can learn over time to openly discuss your feelings and him/her guide you through the processes...

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Aug 13

@Lonelygypsy it's so hard. It's so hard trying to stay in the moment. Currently my marriage is on the rocks because of it and unfortunately my husband does not understand. It physically feels like I have to pull myself out of it. I get panic attacks at the worst moments.


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