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I turn 16 in less than a week. I have PTSD and emotional num


I turn 16 in less than a week. I have PTSD and emotional numbness. Only my boyfriend and best friend know, and they're both often frustrated by it. I work really hard in school, I'm working towards running start, and I'm on a good path. But, I feel nothing. No joy, happiness, love, nothing. Maybe empathy and fear. Paranoia, even. My thoughts are always stuck on my former obstacles. I feel crazy, weak, incapable, and unneeded all the time. My chest and stomach feel weighted and my head throbs daily due to stress. I refuse to talk about these things with the people I'm close to because every time I've tried, I've upset them. I feel so alone. I feel so petty. I just want to get better. For my boyfriend, my best friend, my other friends, my parents, and myself.

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Jan 12

@Itsok10 meditation takes time to work, it took me more than two weeks to stop panic during it but eventually you get there and the benefit outwork the hard time, it smooth the anxiety "chest and stomach weighted and head throbs daily to stress" that's anxiety. I seriously subject you give it a try. Look up on youtube for meditation steps by steps. I used to don't believe in it until i run out of choices and time and gave it a try while refusing to give up, it did wonder.

Jan 13

when were you diagnosed with PTSD? Are you able to tell us what caused this ?
Happy Birthday

Jan 14

@Icryalone Thank you, I was diagnosed February of last year, and I'd rather not elaborate. I'm sorry.


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