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I realized that a part of me, sadly still blames myself for

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I realized that a part of me, sadly still blames myself for the abuse but I am aware now.:(

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Oct 11

@liloneleaves It is so sad that that it was that way for so long, but it is so beautiful that it is now changing. I'm proud that you've been able to find that root of doubt and now you're actively digging it out. You're doing amazingly <3

In case you needed to hear it today:
It was not your fault. You did not deserve it. You will beat this.

Sending love and support.

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Oct 11

@KangarooRat HUGS for you<3 I like your little face mask so cute.

Oct 16

Unnecessary guilt can take over us, it did me for a while.It throws our emotions and mind out of balance. Mostly we just feel bad for those we love even tho what we did was right. I found tho, that taking magnesium and ginseng balanced me and has helped many! it calms the mind body and spirit and gets rid of sticky negative thoughts that loop around. I take it daily and feel so much better and am now able to release those feelings and be at peace.


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