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I just made a post about this time yesterday about how thing


I just made a post about this time yesterday about how things were finally looking up for me but here I am on the ground on the side of the road because I started seeing things and all I can think of is to make it stop I just want it to stop I don't know how much longer I can live with this feeling of guilt that it should be me dead not my friends I keep saying I'm fine trying to trick myself but I'm working myself to death and I'm in a financial hole and my bodies breaking down because I can't let myself sit still or I'll just go for something to take the memories away I'm losing it and I don't know what I'm supposed to do

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Mar 19

@Round3 it wasn't helping that I've been trying to quit using chewing tabacco, I kind of relapsed because it's just not a good time to add this extra stress. I just want a break for a few days

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Mar 20

Yeah, pick your battles. Harm reduction (cutting back) may be a more achievable goal right now. Every little bit helps. Then you don't have the pressure to stay quit, you know?

Mar 24

I am glad you found someone that was willing to just let you talk it out like a balloon makes sense that talking to a regular person is more meaningful than talking to a therapist...with a therapist you are always being scrutinized and analyzed so talking to just a regular person helps take the microscope feeling away...she was good to listen


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