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I have PTSD (CPTSD) due to the actions of my X who abandoned


I have PTSD (CPTSD) due to the actions of my X who abandoned and starved and actually tried different things to kill without it looking like a flat out murder.
I have no social contact, friends, in person.
The OTSD causes anxiety, panic attacks, and questions like why , and what if I had done things different. The fact is that I have to face is: No one can make another person act evil. The person was evil and just did not show it. The trauma that she made or inflicted, can not be put into words.

I NEED someone (a woman) in my life, but since my X literally lied and stole all the money, I am financially struggling and from what I see, is women are NOT attracted to a man who does not have a good financial "leg" to stand on. So.... I hope that make a real friend on this. I can't type enough to paint a picture of who I am and what and how PTSD affects my thoughts . I could really use a real physical hug.

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Sep 14

Hugs! I am so sorry for the horror you have gone through!


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