I have had PTSD and I am bi-polar. I have been working on ma

I have had PTSD and I am bi-polar. I have been working on making a better life for myself, but the people in my life think that I should get on with my life and no one else has any idea what I feel every single minute of every single day. I take a full handful of pills twice a day to keep my head on my shoulders. I spent over a month in the hospital this past year and I feel like I'm going to explode. My symptoms have no key that I can find after living with this process for over 45 years.

Jan 11, 2017

Don't listen to lay men. Only listen to what the professionals say, and those who know what you are going through and understand you. I wouldn't even discuss it with those people who don't understand you. It's important however for you to understand that there are people out there who don't understand you. And that reaching out to them will only cause you more pain and anger. You don't go to the flowerist, or bakery, or grocery store, to get a dental treatment right? Similar don't go to people who don't know anything about PTSD or bi-polar disorder. It will save you a heartache or two for sure.

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Jan 12, 2017

I admire that you have been working toward being mentally and emotionally healthy for such a long time. Getting medication right is such a long process of trial and error and it sounds like yours is barely effective. Usually it is best to combine meds with talk therapy to help you manage your other symptoms. People don't understand that people with "PTSD" can't just get over it. Your brain has been changed and there is a lot of work involved with getting back on track. Coping skills to help manage your symptoms are usually helpful. I hate that it is such hard work to feel normal, but you are totally worth it. Your thoughts and feelings are the ones that you have to pay attention to and get help for. It is good that you are reaching out and we are here to support you.


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