I had another one of those dreams lastnight. The ones that t

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I had another one of those dreams lastnight. The ones that trigger a bunch of emotions I don't really want to deal with right now. yay.... I hope everyone else has a good middle of the week. I'm just hoping to make ANY kind of progress on my work before I get dropped. Fun times...

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Apr 18

@Verelinn HI the 'little' things are HUGE somedays. Sounds delicious, happy you have pastimes and keep busy. Yes, triggers can teach us alot about ourselves and how to manage the next time. I was busy at work today, but a decent day. I admire you, I know you are in alot of distress, but you are intelligent, have a sense of humour and resilient, traits that will get you through all this....keep up the good work, Kiddo.

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21 hours ago

@zeroplusone They really are some days. Today was one. I was trying to make these fried bread things that my daughter really likes, well, for the first ever I managed to dip my finger in the boiling oil. THAT was a new kind of pain I've never felt before. But apparently the tea stuff I keep on the counter is very handy for just such a thing. I read that honey is an anti-inflammatory and vinegar has some acidic component that evaporates the fluids of the burn or something. Anyway, it went from excruciating pain to feeling like nothing happened. Big relief since I have no pain killers. Humor can be a saving grace. Thank you, I'm trying to just keep growing as a person."We are who we choose to be.", no one can take that from you.

14 hours ago

@Verelinn So glad the pain is gone. Yes I had a sunburn years ago and my friend said use vinegar...really helped. Yes I use humour all the time, people ask me, how do you do it and you should be a stand up. I think for me I would rather laugh than cry and I find my way through. I hope your night goes well and your daughter enjoyed her treats. 'WE are indeed, who we choose to be' Thanks for that.


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