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I had a really bad dream last night. These dreams only happ

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I had a really bad dream last night. These dreams only happen once every few months. They are not bad because they are frightening (hence not a nightmare) but because of the way they stir up all the emotions I felt - despair, grief, helplessness, feeling trapped and isolated and alone. I can't say what happened because it is rare and it went public, so I might be identified. Even though the biggest issue that plagues me these days is the self-hatred and suicidal response to realizing that I am a pedophile, the past haunts me nonetheless. I do see a therapist, but they don't understand exactly what I went through, and no therapist really would. Also, it has been many years but I still don't think I can comprehend the magnitude of what was done to me, to my mind,

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Feb 14

I wish I could be more help, but this is a situation outside my knowledge and comfort level.


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