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I did something really good for myself to end the isolation

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I did something really good for myself to end the isolation after my realization.<3<3 I went to the US embassy and explained I am no contact with the Narc unit but that my father loves me and would not want me to be ill without insurance. My sister prevents me and him from communicating. I literally WAS Cinderella. he has money but no cell phone and lives near her. I told them everything and that I will not call anyone but my father. So they called and described my situation and said they must speak to my father directly so the witch was forced to put him on the phone and he said he loves me and sent money<3:D huge win! I really don't care what judgments an embassy makes based on my sister's smear tactics. I am a European now so I don't care what anyone in the States thinks of me any more. and the fact their president is mentally ill is proof positive they cannot make claims about the sanity of others. LOL! feeling good. Now I can get settled and medical care for my stress related high prolactin level.

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Oct 11

Yikes liloneleaves, perhaps you misunderstood? I’m equally confused by your post. Being proactive is important for all of us for sure but I was also left with questions about the relevance.

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Oct 11

That's ok.

Oct 16

Hmm, I had to look up high prolactin. That has to be hard on you and on your hormones. Do they have you on something to keep it balanced? I do know that taking progesterone cream can help a lot with balancing that out, for sure. I am glad you were able to get thru to your Dad and he is helping you, I do hope you can stay in touch w him.


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