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I can't leave my job so soon, because it wouldn't look good

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I can't leave my job so soon, because it wouldn't look good on me. Its not a bad job in general, its a good job, but I am very isolated every day and it worsens my depression/anxiety/c-ptsd. In actuality I would like to not work at all for a while to try to recover because I am in desperate need of a break to even start to get better, but I need the money to afford my apartment/living expenses. Its so hard. I just want time to recover so soo bad. I am so desperate.

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Apr 7

Lost Connections Depression and Unusual Solutions by Johann Hari
A major cause is a bad job and another he talks about is lonliness so combine the two and I understand the difficulty. Thankfull I have had people here to talk with :)

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Apr 8

@rdpca1 Thank you for your understanding

Apr 17

Hi everyone. Just joined the chat. I hope to be able to communicate with other PTSD survivors.


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