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I’m feeling very anxious today. It will be 12 years next w


I’m feeling very anxious today. It will be 12 years next week that my late wife has passed from suicide and I can’t stop thinking about what happened. I am not sleeping well or feeling well.

Nov 15

Hi there. My husband and son both committed suicide. My reaction both times were that it was my fault and I became suicidal myself. It took years to really understand that it was their decision. Maybe you need to forgive her and yourself. Suicide promotes the blame game. It has taken years of your life. No matter how hard you think about it, nothing will change. Look up and let your mind move in a different direction. There will be many blessings yet to come in your life.

Nov 18

Sheryl so sorry for your loss. Yes me to on the thoughts but overcoming the sadness and loss has been tough. I lost my brother and uncle also the same. Thanks for chatting.

Round3's picture
Nov 22

Anniversaries are a beast, I know. I just went through my big ones (September and October). Have you done any emdr around those memories? I found after emdr the impact of the anniversary was less and less each year (2010) and is now more a sad memory than anything. I suspect this year it was more about my anxiety going into it than the actual anniversary. I don't know. I just know that each year it gets easier ever since I did emdr around it.


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