I’m dealing with a lot of triggers right now. My Fiancé w

I’m dealing with a lot of triggers right now. My Fiancé was killed two years ago and he proposed to me on Christmas. The holiday itself is a trigger to me as well as all the advertisements on tv right now for engagement rings. I can’t escape Christmas, or advertisements. How can I deal with these triggers that I can’t escape from?

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Nov 8

I have some of the same triggers because my PTSD resulted from a situation that was traumatic, but also ended in me not having partner/kids. I have flashbacks and panic attacks in/around places and situations that are about marriage and family. It is not just grief, but it brings me back to that time years ago when things happened and brings back the feelings/thoughts I was having at the time . . ., a lot of feelings/thoughts I did not consciously process at the time. They used to teach that a little of that is good because your body and mind need to process what was too painful to process at the time . . ., I think some of that is good, but you have to be gentle with yourself and take more than you can. Trust me when I say you can avoid lots of those type of triggers because I do. It is funny I have PTSD and I can watch horrible/violent/gory movies with no problem, but I have a major panic attack and freak out if I watch a Hallmark movie. It is a physical reaction. Not joking. People think I am weird, but can't do it. Also I have panic attacks in fabric stores - funny but true, because it is all about sewing stuff for kids . . ., Maybe try getting creative with how to avoid that stuff - watch tv digitally or some way without commercials . . ., You can't avoid it all, but get creative and do what you can - watch stuff totally unrelated to your triggers . . ., And if you have a trouble moment and break down, that is normal. I have sat in my car crying in a parking lot many of times.

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Nov 10

*trigger warning--catatonia*

I can relate to PTSD was caused by something similar in some ways to yours, T123. I got triggered one time around some friends and sat there like a statue for the next hour and a half. My friends are really understanding and helpful, but I felt embarassed even though I know it wasn't my fault. I think one of the problems is that I sometimes don't want to avoid triggers or I think I can handle more than I can. But, I'm starting to learn that it's okay to stay away from things that trigger me, even if it looks a little strange. I feel so much more freedom now that some of my friends know more about my PTSD and what triggers it.

Nov 11

I just found some youtubes on another do-it-yourself free at-home technique for healing PTSD, which a friend of mine recommended. Google "Havening." Maybe this will work for all of us!


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